What Aerobics Really Is?

Aerobics is a sustained physical activity that helps build endurance, burn fat & condition the cardiovascular system. Aerobics exercises come in many forms, one of the most proliferate of which are the many types of aerobic dances.

Aerobics dances have become so popular that a lot of different variations & versions have sprung-up. More and more aerobic exercises are coupled with music which provides the timing & rhythm to the movements while making it more fun & less tasking.

Aerobics exercises can be categorized in two different areas, one is the high-impact aerobic activity & the other is the low-impact aerobic activity. High-impact aerobics combines music with kicking, bending or jumping giving the same results as other cardio exercises like swimming, biking, brisk walking or running would. Low impact aerobics makes use of less jarring movements and is generally less intense than high-impact aerobics. This type of aerobic exercise is recommended by many doctors because its very nature reduces the risk of physical injury.

Some of the more popular aerobics exercises are:

  1. Slide Aerobics – this exercise makes use of adjustable slides along with movements that revolve around using the slide as the main exercise equipment. Some exercise programs uses slide aerobics along with other exercises. The slides can be adjusted depending on a persons need for space.
  2. Country Aerobics – this is the latest addition to the already growing number of fads in cardio exercises. Country aerobics makes use of the upbeat country music as well as country-line dancing. This type of aerobics is great exercise because it is fun but not over-the-top & its not too difficult for older people to do.
  3. Funk Aerobics – this type of aerobics has been around since the early 90’s & was influenced by rap music, classic funk & street jam music. From the old MC Hammer tunes to the latest hip-hop beat, funk aerobics is what happens when you mix stationary aerobics, like the treadmill or the stationary bike with some beat busting rap or hip-hop music.
  4. Interval Exercise – from its name, interval aerobics makes use of alternating workout intensities. The interval exercise is a great weight loss program. The working theory is steady-state exercise does not get as much calorie loss as the interval exercise would even at a shorter period.
  5. Water Exercise – the use of water in physical activities has long been espoused by many experts & is now being used as a therapy & weight loss aid. Water exercise is a little less strenuous than your regular backstroke or water polo; quite the contrary, cardio exercise in the water is very low-impact & basically just makes use of the resistance found in the water. But despite this, water exercise is very effective in building endurance, strength, stamina & weight loss.
  6. Step and Double-Step Aerobics – Though there has been some debate over the effectiveness & safety of step exercises, many aerobics practitioners still swear over its viability. The extensive number of video workouts & paid workout programs at gyms all over the world is testament to the fact that step aerobics work for a lot of people. It is called step aerobics because it makes use of a platform & stepping motions are incorporated into the whole cardio routine. Double-step, as the name suggests, makes use of two steps.